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Chapter 3 24 O Israel, how great is the house of God! and how large is the place of his possession!25 Great, and hath none end; high, and unmeasurable.26 There were the giants famous from the beginning, that were of so great stature, and so expert in war.27 Those did not the Lord choose, neither gave he the way of knowledge unto them:28 But they were destroyed, because they had no wisdom, and perished through their own foolishness.29 Who hath gone up into heaven, and taken her, and brought her down from the clouds?30 Who hath gone over the sea, and found her, and will bring her for pure gold?31 No man knoweth her way, nor thinketh of her path.32 But he that knoweth all things knoweth her, and hath found her out with his understanding: he that prepared the earth for evermore hath filled it with fourfooted beasts:33 He that sendeth forth light, and it goeth, calleth it again, and it obeyeth him with fear.34 The stars shined in their watches, and rejoiced: when he calleth them, they say, Here we be; and so with cheerfulness they shewed light unto him that made them.35 This is our God, and there shall none other be accounted of in comparison of him36 He hath found out all the way of knowledge, and hath given it unto Jacob his servant, and to Israel his beloved.37 Afterward did he shew himself upon earth, and conversed with men.

Chapter 4 1 This is the book of the commandments of God, and the law that endureth for ever: all they that keep it shall come to life; but such as leave it shall die.2 Turn thee, O Jacob, and take hold of it: walk in the presence of the light thereof, that thou mayest be illuminated.3 Give not thine honour to another, nor the things that are profitable unto thee to a strange nation.4 O Israel, happy are we: for things that are pleasing to God are made known unto us.5 Be of good cheer, my people, the memorial of Israel.6 Ye were sold to the nations, not for [your] destruction: but because ye moved God to wrath, ye were delivered unto the enemies.