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Chapter 1 59 Then said Daniel unto him, Well; thou hast also lied against thine own head: for the angel of God waiteth with the sword to cut thee in two, that he may destroy you.60 With that all the assembly cried out with a loud voice, and praised God, who saveth them that trust in him.61 And they arose against the two elders, for Daniel had convicted them of false witness by their own mouth:62 And according to the law of Moses they did unto them in such sort as they maliciously intended to do to their neighbour: and they put them to death. Thus the innocent blood was saved the same day.63 Therefore Chelcias and his wife praised God for their daughter Susanna, with Joacim her husband, and all the kindred, because there was no dishonesty found in her.64 From that day forth was Daniel had in great reputation in the sight of the people.