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Chapter 10 36 Or is my sense deceived, or my soul in a dream?37 Now therefore I beseech thee that thou wilt shew thy servant of this vision.38 He answered me then, and said, Hear me, and I shall inform thee, and tell thee wherefore thou art afraid: for the Highest will reveal many secret things unto thee.39 He hath seen that thy way is right: for that thou sorrowest continually for thy people, and makest great lamentation for Sion.40 This therefore is the meaning of the vision which thou lately sawest:41 Thou sawest a woman mourning, and thou begannest to comfort her:42 But now seest thou the likeness of the woman no more, but there appeared unto thee a city builded.43 And whereas she told thee of the death of her son, this is the solution:44 This woman, whom thou sawest is Sion: and whereas she said unto thee, even she whom thou seest as a city builded,45 Whereas, I say, she said unto thee, that she hath been thirty years barren: those are the thirty years wherein there was no offering made in her.46 But after thirty years Solomon builded the city and offered offerings: and then bare the barren a son.47 And whereas she told thee that she nourished him with labour: that was the dwelling in Jerusalem.48 But whereas she said unto thee, That my son coming into his marriage chamber happened to have a fail, and died: this was the destruction that came to Jerusalem.49 And, behold, thou sawest her likeness, and because she mourned for her son, thou begannest to comfort her: and of these things which have chanced, these are to be opened unto thee.50 For now the most High seeth that thou art grieved unfeignedly, and sufferest from thy whole heart for her, so hath he shewed thee the brightness of her glory, and the comeliness of her beauty:51 And therefore I bade thee remain in the field where no house was builded:52 For I knew that the Highest would shew this unto thee.53 Therefore I commanded thee to go into the field, where no foundation of any building was.54 For in the place wherein the Highest beginneth to shew his city, there can no man's building be able to stand.55 And therefore fear not, let not thine heart be affrighted, but go thy way in, and see the beauty and greatness of the building, as much as thine eyes be able to see:56 And then shalt thou hear as much as thine ears may comprehend.57 For thou art blessed above many other, and art called with the Highest; and so are but few.58 But to morrow at night thou shalt remain here;